"The Best Hands In The Business"

Helping to promote your body’s own natural healing process.


Karl Cousins is a unique multi-disciplined physiotherapist who provides a systematic, detailed approach to the treatment of each and every individual making KC Physio significantly different from the rest.

Who We Treat

KC Physio’s belief is that we all deserve to be free of physical pains & restrictions.
Karl treats clients from all walks of life, in both age & agility from the older individual to the elite level athlete.
Through the application of a mixed selection of manual disciplines he encourages your body to use its own natural healing process to reduce pain & achieve a greater harmony.

Common Conditions

Low Back Pain & Sciatica
Tension Headaches & Neck Pain
Achilles Tendonitis
Rotator Cuff Tendonitis
Knee & Ankle Dysfunction/Pain