Kyle Carty

I have been competing as national competitor for the junior 100 meter sprints for the last 4 years. 5 months ago I noticed my form has been slipping due to mechanical overload and muscular adhesions in my glutes, lower back, and hamstring muscles. However, meeting Karl has been like having a secret weapon in my corner. Karl used a number of techniques that helped to unravel and disentangle all of the structures and trigger points that had reduced my overall torque output. To my surprise I have achieved my personal bests. I have now been ranked 6th in the country. To this end I can only see myself going from strength to strength with Karl in my corner.

I can fully appreciate Karl’s input and advice because not only is he a highly skilled physiotherapy practitioner, he is a dedicated trainer and successfully self treats. This is someone whom I can truly respect as he practices what he preaches!!