Matt Smith

When I came to KC Physio I had no real expectations of Karl alleviating my cluster headaches. I have been suffering from this condition for the last 14 years and although I have been reliant on very powerful Immogram injections to temporarily dampen my headaches, I was never comfortable with the side effects, which is known to shrink the vessels in the heart and the brain. Over the years I have seen many practitioners but experienced very little long lasting relief. In fact more often than not I was strongly advised to refrain from engaging in any weight training activities. However being a gym owner and dedicated life long trainer I found this recommendation a very bitter pill to swallow.

Karl assessed the structures in my upper back, neck and the base of my skull and explained that the tension in my muscles were higher than normal. Karl treated me with dry needling (acupuncture), soft tissue release work, along with spinal manipulation and static and dynamic stretches. After a few sessions my cluster headache symptoms had completely diminished.

I can honestly say Karl’s treatment far superseded my expectations. I can now resume my weight training, and boxing drills with full intensity and no flare up of headaches. For the last three years I haven’t had to ever resort to the use of the immogram injections. I would recommend that if anyone is serious about eradicating their pain and getting their life back, Karl is the man to go to.