Expected Physical Outcomes

Expected Physical Outcomes

The significant physical changes provided by Karl Cousins will insure that all of the joints are lined up and working as effective shock absorbers, thus helping to limit the inevitable long term structural deterioration that results from the compressive and overuse effects from our daily work and training.

Inflammation and repair

On a microscopic level, the very nature of my work introduces a form of destruction (inflammation) to make way for renovation (repair). Many have not realized, but a little bit of inflammation is actually good for the body. Here is why: As your injured body part is being manipulated, enzymes and proteins leak into your blood stream thereby setting off a powerful chain reaction of inflammation. Consequently, white blood cells are drawn to the scene of damage the way sharks respond to blood in the water from miles around. The WBC become tantamount to the wrecking crew these are the guys you called in to renovate your house. They bring in the sledge hammers, crow bars, wheelbarrows and dumpsters who tear down the old plaster and rip the walls apart to take your house back to its healthy foundation.


Once the demolition is done the WBC are removed and the chemical mediators of cytokines, prostaglandins, and macrophages take over and set the stage for repair. This is where the plumber, the electrician, and the master carpenter come in. New pipes, new wires new walls go in where needed. The old stuff that’s worth saving is preserved, and the infrastructure and detail work is polished and sanded back to its original state (Crowley & Lodge,2004 Younger Next Year).

This process of inflammation and repair are inextricably joined together in an automatic cycle that enables us to adapt to the varied stresses that are imposed on our bodies. This usually takes place approximately 24-48 hours after the treatment has completed. Invariably the client will generally experience tenderness / soreness that will gradually decrease and make way for a less painful, lighter and more mobile body part. General movement will be more efficient and more responsive. This is the true nature of structural integration.

With body manipulation your connective tissues are healthier and have more appropriate levels of tone, fluids will flow more easily, nerve impulses will be conducted more smoothly, thus helping to create a more effective motor response. Overall, one should notice less random movement patterns, as our structural integrity will move not as a collection of unorganized body parts, but as a cohesive harmonious unit that is able to withstand the stresses that bombard us on a daily basis.

If you are interested in improving the level of structural balance in your body, enhancing your performance, and an overall profound resolution to pain relief, we invite you to contact us. We provide you with an accurate assessment of your structural balance and discuss with you the impact it will have on your long term mobility.